detox patchesStop for a moment and place aside the fact that the demand for Detox Patches has steadily escalated throughout the world. It does seem quite incredible that by simply sticking it on for a short period of time, the harmful toxins in a person's body can be eliminated. The main question that you may have about detox patches is how does it work and you might be astonished when you find out the facts about these pads.

Since time immemorial, the bark of trees has been used as an herbal remedy by the various ancient cultures because of their healing, restorative and rejuvenating properties. Some tree barks can be made into infusions or decoctions to be taken internally, or applied externally to the area to be treated as a poultice. Many herbal remedies are renowned for their detoxification qualities. Bamboo wood is one the herbs and essence of this plant is the primary ingredient of the detox pads!

The body's main reflexology points are in the foot and since people spend a lot of their time standing, the toxins accumulate in this area. When the detox is placed on, the essence stimulates the reflexology points and the toxins seep out to the patch. When the pads are taken out, they will no longer be white and clean, instead will be soaking wet with something that looks like dark green slime to light brown residue, which are the toxins that are extracted!

People who suffer from gout and other similar ailments sing out praises about the detox patch on how the pains in their joints have lessened even after just one application. Those who are in rehab for drugs or alcohol, or have a history of drug or alcohol abuse and need to eliminate the toxins left behind by these bad habits use detox patches so that their bodies would no longer seek or crave the harmful substances. People who feel sluggish, have poor blood circulation, have acne problems, or simply want to remove toxins to promote better health use detox patches because they are most effective, easiest and safest way to remove the unwanted elements for the body. Be on your way to better health by placing on a pair of detox pads tonight.

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