Cross CrunchHow far will you go to get the best body you want? The Cross Crunch can give you the sexiest torso you want in just a few minutes per day. Is there anything better than this?

The Cross Crunch is a simple and handy exercise unit. Weighing only 2 lbs you can bring it around the house and use it while you are seated and watching your favorite programs. You hold it diagonally on each of the handles and push downwards slowly and with pressure. Doing 12 crunches on each side of your body is equivalent to doing 100 crunches on the floor. By using the Cross Crunch it saves you so much time because it allows you to do many other chores at home. This exercise does not tire you; in fact, as soon as you are done, you already feel the contraction around your chest and waist area. In short, the Cross Crunch targets your upper and lower abdominals, and your obliques. Unknown to many, this fitness equipment also strengthens your shoulders and arms. The Cross Crunch is so slim and compact even for travel and storage purposes. It has adjustable resistance bands up to a maximum of 75 lbs to give maximum resistance. It is guaranteed to give you the best abdominal results, toning and sculpting your midsection to your heart's content.

Before using this exercise equipment, it is wise to ask your physician if you are fit enough to use it. Since this unit targets your midsection, it is obvious that pregnant women should definitely NOT USE this fitness equipment. Only when your health has been confirmed by a certified doctor can you start using the Cross Crunch. Don't be the last to use it. Get the sculptured body figure you have always wanted! Right here, right now!

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