Core SculptorMen and women all over the world have tried so many exercise equipments over the years, but none of them had yet been totally satisfied with the results they get. Be the first to try the Core Sculptor. This unique fitness equipment is guaranteed to give you total satisfaction in only four minutes a day!

The Core Sculptor is packaged with its own DVD exercise program which you can follow through step by step. It also has a 4-week meal planner and a recipe book showing 40 appetizing yet nutritional recipes. The unit itself weighs 9 lbs and is compact enough to store under your bed when not in use. This indoor exerciser has three features to be proud of: (1) Double-thick sitting pad on rollers for easy use over a wooden and/or carpeted flooring; (2) Power Cord for easy stretching exercises on the floor; and (3) Resistance Bands up to 75 lbs which give resistance when you bring the sitting pad away from your body, as well as gives some assistance when you bring it back towards your body. The exercises in the program are not only for intermmediate and advanced users, but also for beginners who can use this equipment at their own pace in the privacy of their homes, day or night. With the regular floor exercises and a balanced diet, you can be sure that your body's midsection will get slimmer and stronger each day. The Core Sculptor tones and firms up your upper and lower abdominals, obliques, upper and lower back muscles, and the gluteus maximus. By acting like a corset, it supports your back, improves your posture and balance. The Core Sculptor is also mobile enough when you travel.

Try the Core Sculptor now and get the body results you have always wanted!

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