I have always loved to dance and I used to expect that taking a dance class would help me to lose the extra pounds that I had gained in the last couple of years. I joined a dance class at the college in my town and I went to it for the duration of the class. I did lose a couple of pounds, but not even enough to go down one dress size. I tried dancing around my house but I couldn't get very into it every time. Eventually I would sizzle out on the dance programs that I would try to do, whether they were somewhere else, or even in my own house.

One day a friend told me about Core Rhythms, it's an upbeat and motivating dance program that is put together using several different dances. The techniques have you moving in ways that work out specific parts of your body which has you toning yourself quick and efficient. She had told me that she saw some really good results from the program and highly suggested it. She said that she saw a loss of four inches in the first week. I decided to give it a try and see if I could see those same results from using it.

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I tried the Core Rhythms program the same day that it arrived. I really liked the program, it had a mix of Latin dances that are really fun to do. I really enjoyed the dance techniques, they are structured in a way that really works all your muscles in a way that doesn't hurt you. I tend to have a lot of energy, but I felt like I had really worked out by the end of the workout. I have only been doing the program for a week now and it is almost time for me to go buy a smaller size of pants, I am highly impressed with the Core Rhythms program!

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