For many of us, we work so hard yet can hardly afford to ease our pain or that of our loved ones with health care products like massage therapy equipment. With Core Products, that is not the case anymore. For many of the body pains that we have, we can find relief, as there is a highly affordable Core Product that targets the problem to provide a non-invasive solution.

Core Products: Get Rid Of Pain

Many health concerns such as lower back pain, muscle aches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and spinal problems can be solved or have the pain level greatly reduced when using a Core Product.

Back Pain Relief

To prevent and give relief to back pain, there are back supports and cushions. Working on the desk the whole day can lead to bad posture as we tend to hunch up our back when we are tired. When this happens, our body gets all sorts of heavy aches and pains from our nape, to our shoulders, to the lower back.

To make sure that we keep our back straight, Core Products has various posture correctors that can be worn under the clothes.

The natural curve of our spine needs aid as we sit down while we work or even when lounging. The pressure on our lower back brings about pain when sitting for long periods of time and by midday, we feel tired.

Keep yourself comfortable and prevent the pain of an aching back with the Core Products Sitback Rest that is wider than most other similar products.

From Shoulder To Wrist

A frozen shoulder can be quite uncomfortable and it's the kind of pain that stays around for a time, hampering your movements, to the point that it presents difficulty when placing on a shirt.

Core Products Hot and Cold Therapy Packs are the way to sooth away the pain and make you feel more relaxed to get to drift to sleep.

This Hot and Cold Pack is multi-purpose and can used on nearly all parts of the body such as the ankles to give pain relief.

There are times that the pain shoots and one will double up because of it due to carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain hits the upper arm and it is difficult to identify it.

Before it starts, a person who uses a computer for a number of hours a day had to use a wrist brace.

For the ones with CTS, it is a must or one will be dysfunctional.

Wearing a wrist brace helps prevent the sad situation that the people with CTS have like never being able to sew again, having difficulty in twisting a can opener, or even changing a light bulb.

Lower Body

We don't have to be runners to need knee or ankle support. There are many people that suffer from pain because of a past injury or due to their heavy weight.

Athletes are known to be able to click a dislocated knee back in place - but many let out a curdling yell and faint in the process. One of the Core Products that targets this concern when is the Knee Immobilizer.

Core Products: Electro Therapy and Home Massage Products

There are times that you have to stimulate the muscles to revive them. The healing and relaxation provided by a great massage is immeasurable. With the right therapy equipment, one can get to have their home treatment as often as they like. For people who need electro therapy, like stroke victims, owning one can help hasten the recover.

Being in pain is a serious matter. Having to take pain medication often burns a hole in the pocket. Bring a loved one to a therapist or to get a professional massage costs a lot, especially if it is something that is done once or twice a week.

Get to find pain relief, help one recover, and to prevent pain, explore the world of Core Products to view the highly affordable solutions. Give yourself a break, as you must remain in standing and get well. Get a Core Product for a loved one today, so you can help them reduce the pain and enjoy a better quality of life.

Core Products - Adding Support to Your Life!