Childrens Throat CoolerWhen young children have sore throat, cough and colds, many parents resort to drugs to relieve them.  When painful or itchy throats do not get relief for days, regular taking of medication can sometimes lead to an overdose for There are also other reasons  to question whether these drugs should really be the first solution for children's throats. First, there are just so many over-the-counter brands to choose from and it can be very confusing to tell which one is most effective. Second, it's often difficult to make children take their medicines. You'd have to deal with resistance when they say it tastes yucky and simply refuse to take it. Third, and most important, some studies show that some children's cough and colds medicines were never tested on children. How scary can that be. It's time to go back and rely on our grandmother's old but effective treatment - honey! And Childrens Throat Freeze is the exact thing to give.

Childrens Throat Freeze is not a drug; neither does it contain any caffeine. It does not contain any ingredients which would require FDA approval so there is no dosage to watch for. You can safely give it any time of the day and as often as needed to your children although you may want to secure the consent of your pediatrician. Honey has been found to have a more calming effect on the throat so this is a main ingredient of Childrens Throat Freeze. Vitamin C is very good for boosting the immune system especially when the child is subjected to stress. Best of all, Childrens Throat Freeze is consumed after it has been frozen so children will enjoy squeezing it out of the pack just like a popsicle. While minimal coloring is found in Childrens Throat Freeze, the color is basically white so that it does not stain kids' clothing.

When your children suffer from cough and colds or a sore throat, give them fuss-free Childrens Throat Freeze and give them relief without the need for medication.

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