Cherry Moon Farms - Hand Dipped StrawberriesMy family loves strawberries. Whenever I go to the supermarket and my children tag along with me, they always ask me to put a pack or two of fresh strawberries in our grocery cart. Strawberries do not only look delicious. These are very good for one's health as it contains a lot of phytonutrients that are sure to keep one healthy with regular consumption of the fruit. For mothers, that is a very important factor in choosing what to buy. The phenols in strawberries not only contribute to its red color but provides the rich antioxidants that help protect the cell structures in the body. The phenol content in strawberries makes it a heart-protective fruit, an anti-cancer fruit, and an anti-inflammatory fruit, all rolled into one. Now, Cherry Moon Farms - Hand Dipped Strawberries brings you a new way to enjoy those luscious, red strawberries and indulge in one's sweet tooth as well.

Each succulent strawberry from Cherry Moon Farms - Hand Dipped Strawberries is carefully chosen so it has just the right ripeness, texture, color and size. Then it is dipped by hand in dark or white chocolate so that the goodness and freshness of the strawberries is sealed within a thick coating of hardened chocolate. Next, each chocolate-covered strawberry is decorated to produce a variety of designs using nuts, coconut, or additional decor -- swirls that make them look like tiny tops, nuts dotting the strawberry like pine cones, and bits of coconut covering the white chocolate shell. Each set of Cherry Moon Farms - Hand Dipped Strawberries consists of twelve hand-dipped strawberries -- just the perfect thing to bring home for yourself and your family, serve to your house guests, or give as a gift of health to someone special.

When you purchase your very own Cherry Moon Farms - Hand Dipped Strawberries gift set today, you also get a free hand-decorated flip-flops sugar cookie that any child or adult would love to bite into. Nothing can beat such a combination of healthy fruits, creative chocolate decor and just the right touch of sweetness to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

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