There are hundreds of instructional workout videos out in the market now. Each one of these videos is endorsed by young and attractive men and women—all with nice bodies, all seemingly healthy. Often however, these endorsers (fit-looking as they may be) are unknown faces who for all you know don’t even use the workouts they are working so hard to promote. It seems that what people need are not just workouts that claim to be the easiest or the most fun, but also ones that are proven to work: real workouts that have shown real results in people who actually use them. How would you like to do the exact same workouts as some of the most fit and famous people? Celebrity Sweat Exclusive Sports Workout lets you do just that, giving you the exercises done by some of the most popular names in professional sports and the entertainment industry.

With a single order, you can get three exclusive workouts all at the same time. You get first-hand fitness advice from Hip Hop artist Nelly and NBA stars Andy Bynum and Carlos Boozer, and learn their personal techniques and workout secrets. It’s like having your favourite celebrities as your very own personal trainers. Nelly focuses on skills, drills, maintenance, abs, triceps, chest, and more, bringing you behind the scenes to teach you his favourite and proven routines. LA Lakers’ Andrew Bynum focuses on building endurance, giving workouts not just for specific body parts, but also for total body maintenance. Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer also shares his tried and tested workouts which also focus on endurance training, as well as core maintenance and weightlifting.

With some of the most well-built personalities giving you their best workouts and motivational exercises that personally work for them, your body is sure to benefit from Celebrity Sweat Exclusive Sports Workout. Anyone can get themselves in the best shape of their life with a little help from the stars. Get motivated and start getting the body you want with Celebrity Sweat Exclusive Sports Workout!