Bun and Thigh RollerDo you want a fun and exciting exercise equipment that can optimize your exercise workout? Try Don Tornabene's Bun and Thigh Roller. Don Tornabene used to be Mr. America, but now has revolutionized the swiss ball and created the Bun and Thigh Roller to get rid of fats the fast and easy way.

Unlike the swiss ball, the Bun and Thigh Roller is more stable as you rock and roll on the floor. It has handles on each side for a steady hold, and the head- and backrests are padded so that your spine, head, and neck are erect and do not strain from the exercises. The Bun and Thigh Roller not only strengthens your lower back, it also tones and strengthens your abs, thighs, buttocks, and even your leg muscles. The pads cushion and support your head, neck, and spine from any jerky movements while you exercise. The Bun and Thigh Roller is such a favorite among exercise enthusiasts, whether beginner or seasoned athlete, because the headrest is adjustable to fit any height. To add resistance to your workout, there are two (2) resistance bands you can add to the Bun and Thigh Roller equipment. The resistance bands tone, tighten, and sculpt your abdomen, bun, thighs, and leg muscles to the size and shape you want. Doing the workouts continually burns fat, but more so when you use the resistance bands. There are eight (8) resistance levels to better control your workouts and which target the five (5) muscle groups: glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, inner thighs, and outer thighs.

A great exercise workout does not need to take so long to get results. The Bun and Thigh Roller takes only 5 minutes to get great results. If you like to get lean and fit, buy the Bun and Thigh Roller. What are you waiting for?

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