Bun and Thigh RockerMany of today's exercise equipment only promise to make your body beautiful but, so far, none has yet gone beyond their promises. Body-by-Jake's Bun and Thigh Rocker has been so successful in achieving maximum results in sculpturing and toning beautiful bodies all over the country, that it is now considered one of the most sought-after exercise equipment.

Body-by-Jake's Bun and Thigh Rocker has the so-called revolutionary “Power Arc” capability which enables you to rock your body in a smooth and steady movement. At the same time it also gives your lower back, bun, and thighs a maximum workout. The Bun and Thigh Rocker exercise equipment looks like a stationery chair with a padded backrest and a stationery footrest. The ergonomic backrest is adjustable. You can choose from four (4) blue power flex (yet lightweight) resistance bands which you attach to the machine to provide stronger resistance to your workouts. These resistance bands are great in achieving maximum strength to your lower back, as well as in toning and shaping your leg muscles, bun, and thighs. The Power Arc movement is very easy to do. Just push your feet forward on the footrest, arch your back on the backrest, and give a little push to make an incline. Do several stretches using the resistance bands and burn fat more quickly. To stay fit even more, the Bun and Thigh Rocker package also includes a meal planner showing energy-boosting recipes to replace the nutrients your body lost during the workouts.

It's great to have the Bun and Thigh Rocker as both an exercise equipment and a fitness program in one package! Get rid of unwanted fats and flab. It is never too late to start your own exercise program. Get fit and stay healthy. It is worth the effort!

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