Bodytrends Sticky Yoga MatsAre you looking for the perfect exercise mat to use in your floor workout routine? Bodytrends Sticky Yoga Mats will be able to be of great service to people in fitness levels. The mats are easy to spread out and roll up for storage after use and come in either cerulean blue or royal purple. It's heavy duty foam will safely cushion and protect your body as you get down on the floor, eliminating the heat from contact of the old-fashioned rubber mat. The lightweight foam material will make easy for you to bringing the mat and storing it away will be a breeze.

The Bodytrends Sticky Yoga Mat measures 24 x 68 x 1/8, giving you enough floor coverage to accommodate nearly all heights and sizes, and the proper thickness to keep you off the hard floor. It’s easy to clean - the protective covering needs only to be wiped off after every exercise session and will reduce the chance of the smell of sweat sticking to an exercise mat.

One distinct advantage that you have when using for any or all the floor exercises and other similar activities is the fact that is non-slip. This means no matter how much you move doing your kicks or elevating your legs during a shoulder stand position, you will be sure that the mat your using won't move, greatly reducing the risk of accidents. One of the best investments you can ever make for your floor workout routine is buying a Bodytrends Sticky Yoga Mat.

Give your fitness routine the comfort for those long workout sessions by using a Bodytrends Sticky Yoga Mat. It’s a flexible, multi-functional floor covering that can be used by adults and children alike practically anywhere. Get the best and the newest floor covering in town by purchasing a Bodytrends Sticky Yoga Mat right now.

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