The Dome Ball by BodyTrends is an inflatable stability platform that is shaped like a ball cut in half, hence the name Dome Ball. Easy-to-use and highly versatile gym equipment, the Dome Ball by BodyTrends gives you a unique feature that is not available in other dome balls in the market as it has a pair of exercise power cords. Space-saving and portable, you can use the Dome Ball practically anywhere, all you need is a flat surface to place it on. Whether it is for your indoor or outdoor workout, the Dome Ball by BodyTrends may be the only piece of gym equipment that you have to own.

Exercise balls are quite popular, and for good reason. They can be used to aid a variety of moves for workout routines like Yoga and Pilates. The Dome Ball by Body Trends can be used to perform nearly all of the moves to be done with an exercise ball plus more. The Dome Ball is a platform, unlike the old-style, flat step ups that were in the rage during the height of aerobics in the 80’s. The main difference between the old platform and the Dome Ball is the fact that impact of your stepping will be cushioned by the inflatable ball, reducing the sudden slam that may cause the bones and ligaments to suffer during a high impact routine.

Cardiovascular exercise will be low impact every time, even during a high impact routine, and you will lessen the risk of getting ankle bone and spine injury. You can increase fat-burning capacity by doing your cardio on a Dome Ball. The additional bounce when you land on the inflated platform plus the push and pull action that can be executed simultaneous while using it will make your workout go on a new power level. Tone and firm your body to sculpt and achieve your fitness goals faster with the use of your new Dome Ball by BodyTrends.

The Dome Ball by BodyTrends is designed to enable to you to get more out of each workout routine unlike the dome balls that can only be used to workout your lower body. By using the exercise power cords, you can get to do a full-body workout, and have the option to either concentrate on your upper body or lower body, so that you can get to exercise various muscle groups per given session. The exercise power cords will help you have an easier time to find your center, and get to practice those Pilates stretches on the Dome Ball, working out your arms at the same time while gracefully balancing on top of your new Dome Ball platform. Using a Dome Ball will add more challenge to your balancing routine.

Endurance exercises likes squats can be brought to a whole new intensity with the Dome Ball. Using the exercise power cords to stretch your arms out as you squat or even simply stand on the ball can give you the tremendous benefits of adding isometric exercise to your workout. Whether you are just adding exercise into your weekly routine for the health benefits, or are an exercise buff, people of all levels of fitness will be able to bring to the max each exercise session by using a Dome Ball by BodyTrends.

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