Body Rider Fan BikeIf you are looking to buy a great piece of gym equipment that will give you a total body workout, the Body Rider Fan Bike is the one for you. It's much more than just an ordinary stationary bike and its innovative high-tech design will save you space aside from it looking great wherever you decide to place it. Take your workout to the max while using a Body Rider Fan Bike. Instead of going to a gym or buying those expensive stationary bikes, purchasing a Body Rider Fan Bike will save you a lot of money, give you practically all the features of the highly expensive stationary bikes, while giving you the one of the best exercise bikes in the world.

Fantastic Features

Riding a bike will give your body a lot of health benefits from the cardio exercise and is one of the foundations of endurance training. Many people that are in the beginning of their fitness training ride a stationary bike to warm up or give their legs a workout. Pedaling on a stationary bike can make your blood circulation better and give you the aero routine that you need. But, when you ride a Body Rider Fan Bike, it is possible to get much more than that.

Dual Action Fan

With your new Body Rider Fan Bike, you can get increase your resistance. When you pedal, a breeze of cooling air comes out, and the harder you pedal, the more powerful the wind will be. This serves the purpose of bring more oxygen to your body as you exercise, making your body more comfortable as you bike, and simulating the feeling of riding a bike in the open air. The fan works to lessen the friction of the moving parts of the bike, enabling you to have a more fluid workout.

Know Your Limits

One of the key aspects of having a good exercise routine is to know exactly what is being achieved. Counting the number of reps per session and gradually increasing it will provide your with the strength you want. The same can be applied with the Body Rider Fan Bike as it has display readouts for speed and distance plus the time you have worked out. It also has a calorie burn counter so you will know how much you have burned. This display readout is vital so you can decide if you will maintain, increase or decrease your time and effort on this piece of equipment. The Body Rider Fan Bike also has a tension control giving you the option lessen or increase the effort you need to pedal the bike.

Total Body Workout

The dual action of the Body Ride Fan Bike will give you the advantage of having an upper and lower body workout in one session. If you are in need of integrating a daily workout routine into your life and would like to get the cardio benefits of bike riding, or into fitness, you should take advantage of the discounted offer available to you right now for your purchase of the Body Ride Fan Bike.

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