The Body of F.I.R.E. is an incredibly effective 12-week training and nutrition program for fast fat loss that I’ve used with athletes and celebrities.

Training: The training portion consists of three, four-week phases with four workouts per week. Each workout consists of five components: prep/mobility, cardio, strength, cardio strength, and stretches. The workouts take only 30-45 minutes to complete.

Many of the exercises require nothing more than a person’s body weight, while the strength exercises only require a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. The workouts are shown with full-color exercise pictures along with a thorough explanation of how to do them properly. In the workout explanation I outline ways to make each exercise easier, or more advanced, to suit a person’s fitness level. Clear and concise training logs can be printed for each phase.

Exercise Guide: The vivid exercise guide shows full-color, high-resolution pictures of 45 different exercises with tips and simple guidelines to ensure perfect form.

The Body of F.I.R.E. exercises require no special equipment; you only need a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells and a pull-up/dip bar. For someone who doesn’t have a pull-up/dip bar, I outline substitute body weight or dumbbell exercises that can be performed instead, so people never have to worry about a lack of equipment.

Nutrition Guide: The nutrition guide clearly explains how to eat for fat loss while boosting energy and recovery. I explain and outline which protein, carbohydrate, and fat sources are best for supercharging a person’s metabolism. The key is to choose foods that are high in nutrients but low in calories.

With this simple plan you don’t have to count calories because the portion sizes are matched up with a person’s body weight. There are three sample nutrition plans for a 140-, 180-, and 220-pound person.

For each meal I give many different food options within each category (protein, fruit, vegetables, grains) so people can pick and choose which foods they want to eat, instead of a bland cookie-cutter diet with limited foods.

A few supplements such as fish oil and branched-chain amino acids are mentioned, but none of them are required. There’s a FAQ section at the end of the nutrition guide where I answer many of the questions that people ask when embarking on a new diet.


Shake Diet

The Shake Diet is an effective and convenient way to burn seven pounds (or more) of pure fat in one week. This is a great way to jump start fat loss and get people motivated. It consists of four shakes per day, spaced four hours apart.

The shakes consist of nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables, along with some protein powder. There are no weird, overpriced supplements, and everything can be found in a grocery store. The fat-burning shakes are super healthy and loaded with nutrients, but also low in calories. Two versions of the shake diet are outlined: one for men and one for women.

Advanced Body of F.I.R.E.

The Advanced Body of F.I.R.E. is an 8-week training program that I use with many professional athletes to help them burn fat and build a more athletic body. It’s excellent for anyone who wants to get in even better shape after completing the original 12-week Body of F.I.R.E. program.

It consists of two, four-week phases with four full-body workouts per week. All of the workouts can be performed with minimal equipment. A pair of dumbbells or kettlebells and a chin/dip bar is all that’s required.

The structure of this program is very similar to the original Body of F.I.R.E. with a few additions: I outline two tests to measure athleticism (broad jump and overhead squat) and I cover many foam roller exercises to improve mobility. The workouts are more challenging than the original Body of F.I.R.E. but they don’t require any special equipment. Lots of cool, never-before-seen exercise combinations that torch body fat are in each phase. There’s no nutrition plan included in this advanced version of the program.

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