Body Flex Gravity Inversion SystemThe Body Flex Gravity Inversion System is the newest inversion table in the market today and is the most portable and lightweight of them all. The unique design will give you all the advantages of a larger table and will entail less effort on your part to tilt. There is a special anatomically designed headrest in the Body Flex Gravity Inversion System that all the other inversion tables do not have. This headrest was created to ensure that your neck will not be strained while you are inverted aside from keeping in alignment the natural curve of spine in the nape area. This head rest applies the principle similar to that of a Japanese neck pillow and can help promote better posture and relaxation. Using a Body Flex Gravity Inversion System is the minimalistic approach to attain the maximum benefits of inversion therapy.

Ancient Benefits Of Inversion Therapy

The ancient tradition of Yoga relies heavily on inversion, and the headstand, which is the king of all Yoga positions, adheres to this principle. Turning the body completely upside down or half way enhances circulation, supplies the organs and glands with oxygenated blood by encouraging the deep breathing technique, can bring relief to early-stage varicose veins, and get to correct some of the common problems that women have with their uterus. Aside from these things, it can help reduce anxiety and depression, aid in curing insomnia, alleviate fatigue, while enhancing concentration, increasing memory and boosting the mental process. People that have back pain or not physically capable of doing Yoga will be able to get all these benefits by using a Body Flex Gravity Inversion System.

Latest Innovation Of Inversion Therapy

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, had mainly based his scoliosis treatment on traction and spinal manipulation. Recent research studies have shown that using an inversion table such as the Body Flex Gravity Inversion System can help relieve back pains as the muscles around the spine get relieved by the force of gravity lessening its load, while giving the spine the traction initially designed by Hippocrates. Since there are a lot of people that have hardened arteries because of age, the blood flow to the brain is decreased. The inverted position that you achieve easily by using the Body Flex Gravity Inversion System will be able to increase the circulation of the blood to your brain without placing extra strain on the heart.

The Ultimate Inversion Table

It is possible to have a daily therapy session with your own Body Flex Gravity Inversion System. Many people who use inversion tables have back pains and are of the older age bracket, and it would be very easy for them to place their new Body Flex Gravity Inversion System table anywhere they want, inside or outside their home. After the back pain is gone, the inversion table can be continuously used to get the all the benefits of Yoga inverse positions. Relax, enjoy, take away the stress of daily life, while giving your body a multitude of health benefits and relieve back pains on your new Body Flex Gravity Inversion System table.

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