Body DomeHow much time can you afford to spend on a good exercise workout? How far will you go to achieve satisfactory results? Good news! There is a fitness equipment that allows you to spend only 10-30 minutes of your time each day to attain a complete, safe, and productive workout. Introducing to you the Body Dome which is the ideal exercise equipment for you. Kathy Derry's Body Dome is similar to an exercise ball, only better. The Body Dome is spherical but the bottom portion is flat for better stability and firmness on the floor, making it slip-resistant. The sphere portion above the flat surface is rounded and covered by short-sized rubber pricks that provide a suction-like-protection when pressed against your rubber soles. The Body Dome was designed to provide you the best fitness program for the whole body, making you physically and mentally healthy.

Make the Body Dome a part of your daily exercise routine. Surprisingly, you can do your yoga and pilates workouts on the Body Dome. The long, resistance cords on each side are held up by your arms or legs for some stretching exercises. Body exercises provided in the program strengthen your arm and leg muscles, tone your abdomen, target and burn fat cells fast. It also improves your flexibility and agility, enabling you to focus on aligning your posture and body coordination. Other accessories are: (1) a nutritional guide; (2) an owner's manual; and (3) an the exercise program. As easy as it is inflated, it is also easily stored after use. Although the Body Dome itself weighs only 15 pounds, it can carry someone up to a maximum of 250 pounds.

By using the Body Dome, you will not only be the envy of your friends, but you will actually feel that the results you get from this one-of-a-kind fitness equipment is really worth the effort.

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