Invertion tableThe Body Champ Inversion Table is one of the latest in therapy and gym equipment and is fast becoming one of the most best-selling inversion tables around. With a flat body rest, long handle bars, and an adjustable center beam going down to the foot rest and lock, this unique inversion table is even portable. The 3-in-1 Body Champ Inversion Table has non-skid rubber stabilizers that will prevent it from skidding as you do a variety of moves while on it. If you own a Body Champ Inversion Table, you are having the flexibility of using it for back pain therapy, as gym equipment, and for inversion therapy.

Gym Equipment

You can execute some of the most basic exercises on your new Body Champ Inversion Table and give your workout an extra challenge. When you do sit-ups and abdominal crunches while you are in the inverse position, it will bring the burn to the max as you struggle against the force of gravity. Take the much needed rest period in between sets by placing the Body Champ Inversion Table on a horizontal position. Stretch out your upper limbs and bring them forward while the inverse table tilts your entire body upwards to achieve a new dimension level in your fitness routine. Balance your body on this table and give it the much needed stretch that will make you more flexible and supple before an upper body intensive workout routine.

Back Pain Therapy

There are a multitude of research studies that show how the spine gets subjected to a lot of weight. Sitting down is one of the most common positions for people to be in, and if done for a lengthy period of time, as has been shown by numerous cases, will lead to back pain. Chronic back pain is not easy to relieve and chiropractic treatments are costly. By using your Body Champ Inversion Table, you will be able to help easily relieve the pain because of the traction in your spine that the upside down position can give you.

Inversion Therapy

Your Body Champ Inversion Table will bring you the numerous health benefits of inversion therapy, starting off with its encouragement of the deep breathing technique. When you take belly breaths, it will facilitate the increase flow of oxygen into your body. Since you are in the inverse position, your head will be lower than your heart, and the blood circulation will be increased, which is especially advantageous for people with hardened arteries. Aside from this, it will help get rid of anxiety by making you relax as you relieve the pressure from your spine. The stretch in your body created by the natural pull of gravity will help ease away the stress and allow your mind to stop worrying as you feel the tension flowing away. There are many people who would place their feet up on a table or pillows so that they can relax. The inverse position you can achieve with the Body Champ Inversion Table helps the blood circulate better and relieve tired and aching feet.

Place an order now for your new 3-in-1 Body Champ Inversion Table and get to enjoy the wondrous benefits it can give you. It's an item that everybody can get to use and you can pack it up, store it away, or bring it along with your wherever you go. Bring you're the gym equipment you need plus get to save in chiropractic bills by buying a Body Champ Inversion Table today.

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