Body BowIf you need a small workout equipment which gives big results, try the Body Bow. Weighing only 4lbs, the Body Bow is very lightweight to carry inside your backpack wherever you go. At home you can store it inside your cabinet, closet, or even inside a box without fear of being destroyed or trampled on.

The Body Bow is a simple yet functional exercise equipment that looks like two (2) ordinary bows put together. Attached to the unit are three (3) tension rods – (a) a blue rod for 5 to 50lbs; (b) a white rod for up to 75lbs; and, (c ) a red rod for up to 95lbs. Also attached are: one (1) long bungee meant for stretching exercises and two (2) short bungees for added resistance. These bungees were designed to work out your shoulders, arms, chest, and abdomen. Though the Body Bow may only strengthen your torso, you can also use it as a warm-up exercise for more rigorous exercises meant to sculpt and tone your biceps, triceps, and leg muscles. Accompanied with your order of the Body Bow are: (1) an instructional video and (2) an instructional manual to familiarize you with the exercises as you go along and, (3) a mesh bag to keep the Body Bow intact.

Where else can you get a two-in-one body exerciser where you are able to tone your body muscles very easily and safely, as well as get your money's worth right at your own home? There is no need to look elsewhere. The Body Bow is a safe and controllable exercise equipment portable enough to bring around and is very easy to use. Get rid of your unwanted flabs in a flash. Be lean and fit for life to shoo the worries away. Start now! Buy the Body Bow!

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