Backaches, muscle soreness and stress-produced tension are productivity killers! Getting through a whole day can be difficult when your back, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, buttocks, hips, legs or feet hurt and you feel all those tight, spastic, knotted shoulders! Iron the kinks with Body Back Buddy. With its 11 therapy knobs that give a trigger point massage to practically any part of the body, get instant relief from aches, pains, numbness, tingling and muscle-tightness  - even in hard-to-reach areas.

Chiropractors normally relieve pain by pressing down on certain body points for some time, then releasing. Once direct pressure is released, the oxygenated blood starts to flow and gives noticeable relief with more flexibility and better circulation in the body in just seconds. You can do this action on parts you can easily reach but what about areas in the back where pain is often experienced by people engaged in certain sports or sedentary office workers hunched for hours over a desk? These problems inspired the design of the Body Back Buddy.

The Body Back Buddy is an easy to use, lightweight, portable, versatile and affordable massage tool. Its natural S-shaped design lets you reach parts of your body that you can't normally reach with your hands, like parts of the back. Each of its therapy knobs has been designed to target specific areas in the body. With ridges engineered for strength to withstand tugs and pulls, the Body Back Buddy has knobs that:

  • Give a massage similar to general thumb point pressure
  • Are perfectly positioned to address lower back muscle problems
  • Are very effective for foot reflexology
  • Are rounded to help simulate the thumb action of a massage therapist
  • Are great for dealing with shoulder pain
  • Perfectly address direct deep pressure points to all parts of the body
  • Are spaced so well that they are able to treat muscle pain and discomfort in the back of the neck
  • May be used for the back, neck buttocks and legs
  • Are pointed to simulate the elbow action of a massage therapist

Getting a massage may sound great but oftentimes, the masseuse may not know exactly where your pains are. The Body Back Buddy is a self-massage tool that lets you zero in on those precise painful areas. Use the Body Back Buddy to alleviate tension from head and shoulders. Massage aching feet without having to bend over. Determine exactly where to position the therapy knobs and how much pressure to apply. With over 100 different ways of using this fantastic massage tool, it is now possible to apply direct but controlled pressure so you get a soft and soothing massage or a deep pressure massage exactly where you need it.

Every order of the Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager comes with a FREE Illustrated Hints and Tips Instructional Guide, a FREE Reflexology Guide, and a FREE relaxing scalp massager.

Relieve pain almost immediately and get yourself a massage any time without the costs of going to a spa or chiropractor. The Body Back Buddy is a true buddy you can take around with you. Store it in the trunk of your car when you travel, let it stand on a wall or inside a closet. It's always within easy reach to relieve you of pain whenever you need it.