How many sit-up exercises do you need to do to get that sexy figure many fitness trainers have? Sometimes, sit-ups give beginners unnecessary backaches after a short session as pressure is put on neck and back. But exercise doesn’t have to be this difficult. Beginners and advanced fitness buffs can strengthen their abs, chest and back, and also firm up arm and shoulder muscles even without working out in a gym. Use the BodiRocker, a 2-in-1 workout program that gives you strength and core training workouts. This unique workout program has three (3) DVDs showing exercise routines that last only 10 minutes at every workout level and yet gives you the best body figure ever.

BodiRocker is the newest fitness equipment that burns fat fast while firming up and strengthening your shoulders, arms, back, chest, and abdomen. It looks like a moon-shaped fitness equipment which is alternately swayed from left to right while exercising. There are several grip handles on each side which are cushioned for added support and comfort. The BodiRocker includes three (3) workout DVDs for: (1) Abs and Core; (2) Chest and Arms; and (3) Yoga and Pilates. The BodiRocker is basically a Balance Resistance Trainer which supports your body while you do rocking movements in over 30 exercise steps. A built-in balance meter in the middle of the equipment is where fitness levels are controlled. The higher the fitness level you are working out with, the better. Calories burn faster, your abdomen gets leaner, and your arms, shoulders, chest, and back get stronger.

The BodiRocker is also a great muscle builder, which is good for body builders who love to join competitions; athletes can use it as a training tool before doing strenuous exercises while beginners can use it to replace the difficult sit-up exercises. With the BodiRocker, adults and children can exercise daily for only ten minutes on each workout in order to get and show off a firm, well-toned body figure.

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