Blast Off the PoundsA very interesting and successful fitness program is currently available in the market. This is the #1 exercise program of the century. Richard Simmons has created Blast Off the Pounds which is a combination of exercise steps and fast dance moves to excite slimming enthusiasts and dieters to lose the flab, feel good about themselves, and stay fit forever. Blast Off the Pounds is not only an exercise program, it is also a fitness program. Simmons created a pilot studio called The Anatomy Asylum which was a big hit in the 1970s. This project was aimed at boosting confidence, improve focus, and increase self-esteem. At his studio Simmons not only introduced state-of-the-art dance techniques, but also provided a diet program. In due time many people began noticing how fun and successful his slimming methods were and, as the years went by, Simmons caught the eyes of TV personalities and producers. His appearances at well-known talk shows enabled him to share his knowledge and love for his work and made many viewers happy that his simple all-in-one fitness program was actually successful.

Richard Simmons' Blast Off the Pounds bring you a unique, fun, and exciting way to exercise in the privacy of your home. Blast Off the Pounds provide high-energy dance-and-exercise techniques, accompanied by fast, sensual music. These bubbly and quick-bursting techniques burns fat cells easily and tones muscles the right way. Blast Off the Pounds eliminates the extra baggage without leaving you exhausted.

Once you start this program, your life will change dramatically in a positive way and will motivate you to continue to do so. Do yourself a favor. Buy the Blast Off the Pounds program and get ahead of the others. See and feel the changes in your body as easily as you say one-two-three. Do the right thing now!

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