Billy-Blanks-Boot-Camp-EliteTired of your old exercise routine? Here is a great way of working out a great routine and reaping a great body! Try Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite fitness program. To understand how this unique fitness program came about, you need to know that Billy Blanks is one of the world’s leading martial arts champions. He created these wonderful, heart-pumping exercises to give you a boost you never thought you could achieve. Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite comes in a set of three (3) different yet continuing exercise programs that get you moving faster and better as you go along. Apart from these programs you get two (2) resistance bands with 1lb. weights each and a 7-day diet program to balance off what you lost.

As with all fitness programs, you need to check with your physician before undergoing the Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite fitness program.  Mission One: Getting Started Workout is the first of the series where you are given the proper basic techniques to tone your muscles, bones and joints so that they can absorb pressure better, and thereby reduce unnecessary accidents. In Mission Two: Maximum Power Workout, the program allows you to do faster, more fun but effective workouts which help burn calories faster and increase your metabolism. The exercises here will leave you wanting for more. In Mission Three: Rock Solid Abs Workout, the program will strengthen your body and with constant practice it will help melt your love handles instantly. This pure- energy exercise program incorporates kick boxing (Tae Bo) and floor dancing. No wonder Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite is the favorite fitness program among elite troops, martial arts enthusiasts, or simply anyone who wants to stay fit for a long time.

Don’t lose a minute more. Get your set of Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite and experience an exhilarating way of getting rid of the flab without the fuss.

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