Back-BoosterI have always had a very bad back, nothing is wrong with it, yet it always seems to hurt. I have a hard time standing for a long time and just as hard of a time sitting for any length of time. I have tried to place pillows behind my back and this does help me feel slightly better. I have bought several different chairs that all claim to be able to take care of back pain. I don't like the chairs because I find them uncomfortable. Everything in the past that I have tried to do to make my back feel better has failed. That is until I found the Back Booster.

The Back Booster has been the best thing that I have ever found. It blows up with ease and it fits around the chair. The best thing about it is that you can adjust the position of it and set it according to your height. I will adjust it according to where I am having pains and it helps to put a nice soft pressure on that area and relieve the pain. I am so glad that I finally found something that I can use on any of the chairs in my home. Now I am not sore when I sit at the dinner table, or at my computer desk.

You can also use the Back Booster in your car, and I do this every day. I also take it in to work with me and use it on my desk chair at work. I leave the office feeling good every day. I used to be in pain when I got off of work everyday and now I feel like everyone else. I am taking a lot less Aspirin and I am able to sleep much better at night since I have been using it. It folds down to fit perfectly in my purse, this makes it easy to take it everywhere with me.

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