There are so many home fitness programs that promise six pack abs these days – it isn’t easy to tell which ones are really effective or not. Many fitness programs get you working out on machines continuously for at least an hour. But going at body sections for long periods do not necessarily build the muscles you want. Studies have shown that bursts of highly intense workout combined with low intensity and rest periods do more to build muscle and burn excess fat. Known physical therapist and trainer to the stars, Jeff Cavaliere, designed AthLEAN-X not just as a fitness program but as a philosophy for a complete training workup. Even if you are no pro athlete, but you want to increase your overall health, build six pack abs and muscles, and burn excess fat, AthLEAN-X is for you.

Jeff Cavaliere’s AthLEAN-X program does not just let you bulk up as though you were preparing for a Mr. Universe contest with huge, movement-restricting muscles; his program lets you develop muscles that have functionality – meaning, you can actually use these muscles like an athlete could. Some fitness programs let you do the wrong kind of cardio workout that end up harmful to your joints. Others are monotonous and boring. Still others make you go at it continuously without rest periods which actually allow muscles to heal and recover. AthLEAN-X incorporates rest periods in between spurts of intensive workouts because studies have shown that this is actually the secret to lean muscle development. The AthLEAN-X program includes meal plans that pro athletes use. No more deprivation. You eat as much as you want of these food items and still attain that six pack abs look. The workout bursts in the AthLEAN-X program burn belly fat faster and sculpt your torso fast.

When you visit the AthLEAN-X site, you have access not only to Jeff Cavaliere’s AthLEAN-X program but you can also check out products such as tshirts, hats and elastX bands. And for the ladies, Jeff is coming up soon with AthLEAN-X for women.

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