Yoga is slowly being recognized worldwide not just as an ancient art of meditation but as a physical fitness program that works on the entire body, not just certain body muscles like some sports or fitness workouts do. Now, let Kurt Johnsen, a yoga teacher for over 20 years, be your very own personal trainer with his unique yoga program, APY60. Let him guide you through 60 days of progressive yoga routines that are sure to help you lose weight, get toned and train you to still the mind as well.

Kurt Johnsen is both a renowned martial arts master and yoga  and fitness instructor. He has personally worked with stars and athletes as their official yoga teacher. He has guested on several talk shows, webcasts and radio shows where he has talked about APY60. Many people think yoga is complicated and good only for those who are already fit and flexible. Kurt Johnsen’s APY60 takes the mystery and complication out of yoga and presents it in a very simple way that almost anyone can follow the program throughout its 60-day cycle.

The APY60 program addresses different areas of body and mind:

  • Lose Weight – with his 60 Daily Blends (60 individual sets of morning moves combined with the APY Nutrition Guide), Kurt Johnsen coaches and conditions you so you begin to lose the poundage you don’t need.
  • Gain Strength – 10 APY yoga classes over 10 weeks with Kurt Johnsen not only is fun but works to tone and sculpt your body.
  • Find Peace - Because yoga works on the mind as well, APY60 includes life coaching and conditioning from Kurt Johnsen to help you deal with and eliminate stress which is very damaging to the body and lowers the immune system, leading to vulnerability to illnesses.

Aside from led yoga classes you get, along with your APY60 order, a step-by-step workbook which allows you to chart your workouts and measure results. A nutrition guide, filled with yummy, healthy recipes, gives you balanced diets without skipping dessert. Lastly, you get a DVD, “Kurt’s Kitchen”, a step-by-step guide about food and how to improve one’s eating habits.

There’s no other time but today to work on getting a fit body and a sound mind. With APY60, you learn all the secrets and gain the benefits that yoga yields to the practitioner.

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