Kurt Johnsen’s American Power Yoga 60 is the ultimate complete body workout system that incorporates the ancient body/mind benefits of yoga. Not only will it help you lose weight and sculpt/tone your body but it will also train your mind to better handle and eliminate stress. Having been a yoga instructor to both stars and athletes for over 20 years, Kurt Johnsen will personally coach you through this course which he designed for you to use over a period of 60 days.

Most of the available weight loss plans that incorporate workouts target certain body parts but the practice of yoga works on the entire body – and mind! Having seen real body results from the practice of yoga, Kurt Johnsen took this experience and put them all into his American Power Yoga 60 program. If you were to attend yoga classes you’d most like spend hundreds of dollars a month. Now, for less than a cup of coffee a day, you get a complete yoga workout spaced over 60 days that start out with the basics of yoga, then gradually working up to a more intense program that works on all parts of the body, inside and out, and trains your mind as well to handle stress.


The APY60 program addresses different areas of body and mind:

  • Lose Weight – the 60 Daily Blends (60 individual sets of morning moves combined with the APY Nutrition Guide) of Kurt Johnsen coaches and conditions you so you begin to lose the poundage you don’t need.
  • Gain Strength – 10 APY yoga classes over 10 weeks with Kurt Johnsen not only is fun but tones and sculpts your body.
  • Find Peace – Kurt Johnsen includes life coaching and conditioning in his program because yoga works on the mind as well.  APY60 helps you deal with and eliminate stress which is very damaging to the body and lowers the immune system, making you vulnerable to illnesses.

Begin your yoga journey now with Kurt Johnsen’s American Power Yoga 60 and find yourself not just losing weight and toning up but bringing balance to your mind and body.

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