American Diabetes WholesaleThere are many new options to get medication for diabetics everyday. As the price of insulin goes down every company must be able to provide their product at a competitive price. American Diabetes Wholesale offers the customer a suppliers price on quality products. Discounts any where from 20-60% on test strips, blood pressure monitors, insulin pumps, to diabetic foods and many other products. This would obviously be most beneficial to people who are uninsured or only have a small deducible. It is also very convenient for anyone because we offer free shipping to orders over a $100. Most of these orders will be shipped out within a 24hr period, this means no waiting on off brand companies that delay their orders by days or weeks. Accu-chek is one of the many name brands that American Diabetes Wholesale offers saving on the product and getting free shipping would be another penny in your pocket. If only your medical supplier could offer all this and a 24hr shipping notice.

Other brands such as Nova Max, Freestyle, and Ascensia are all readily available. If you had any questions about orders or a product of interest offers an easy layout of products and services it provides. You can also call (877) 241-9002 if there were any serious areas of concern. Our goal is to provide a service that is unmatched by any competitor. Our prices on any of the name brands such as Accu-chek, Ascencia or Nova Max have always remained among the lowest in the nation. But what these competitors cannot offer is a shipping service free of charge.

There is no complicated method of signing up or membership fees. Simply add to your E-cart and check out like any other store. If your order is fully insured there is no charge on shipping at all. We also offer a help and support site with nutrition guides and a live chat if there are any additional questions or services needed. Insured customers also have an extra perk of a hassle free order, no paper work or phone calls we do everything for you.

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