It's hard for me to find exercise equipment that I like to use. I have spent a lot of money on expensive exercise gadgets that I only use a few times before I find out that I really don't like using them. I have also signed up at a gym and got myself stuck in a contract that I couldn't get out of. I had to pay for the entire year membership, even though I had only been there a few times. I always think that I am going to like a certain machine or workout program at first, then I end up finding that I can't stand it. I was very intrigued when I saw the Air Climber and I decided to give one more thing a try. I purchased it and began using it the moment that it arrived.

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I was very surprised by how fun it was to use. I actually enjoyed using it and I could feel how much it was working. It had me feeling like I had spent a couple hours at the gym on the different machines, but I didn't mind it on the Air Climber because I was actually having a real good time using it. When I use my Air Climber I move it in front of my TV and I can watch my shows while I am working out, this really makes the time fly by.

I have been using my Air Climber for only a couple of months now and I have already lost several inches. I am losing throughout my entire body, rather than just losing in a few select spots. I have finally found something that I can use on a daily basis and not get tired of. I plan on using this piece of exercise equipment for a long time. It is simple to use and it really gets results. I would recommend it to anyone that usually doesn't like to work out much.

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