Air Climber Airclimber SystemExercising is something a lot of people want to do, but with it comes some amount of sweat and pain. As they say, no pain no gain. One of the most favorite forms of exercise is walking or running, but have you ever gone through an exercise like that without feeling tired with strained muscles and joints? Gain more without all the pain, and experience a different kind of exercise with the Air Climber Airclimber System. Developed by US Aerobic champion Brenda Dygraf, this Airclimber System was developed to reduce pounding impact to your joints while challenging your legs with air power technology.

The Airclimber System uses natural air power to create an intense and effective exercise routine. It uses technology that creates a resistance with in your leg with every step that you take. Every step allows air to move between the bellows located below the foot pedals, and it also minimizes the impact and jarring that normal workout machines create for your joints and muscles. With every step, the air also helps to keep your workout with your legs – constant, so you can keep moving and keep exercising, without stopping. You can spend longer hours on the Air Climber Airclimber System and not feel tired and sore all over from the exercise.

Burn calories and stay fit with the Air Climber Airclimber System. Get your heart and blood pumping, boost your cardiovascular system, get slimmer and healthier, get tighter abs and tone your body, all at the same time. With the flexibility of the machine and a body cord that you can easily attach to the machine, you can try out all sorts of exercises on the Air Climber Airclimber System while aiming to exercise other parts of the body. Get your legs toned while working on your upper body and arms. Get all the exercises you can in one go, with the Air Climber Airclimber System.

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