Beginning at age 30, you start losing 1-3% yearly of your testosterone, that male sex hormone. Low levels of testosterone bring on irritability and low sex drive as well as make you lose muscle and gain fat. Get back as much as 61% of that with Ageless Male, a 100% natural supplement, which helps you regain the stamina, energy, positive attitude and enhanced sexual drive that has slowly deteriorated as you age.

Testosterone is responsible for a man’s well-being, not just the sexual function. It plays a large part in maintaining bone mass and increasing a man’s strength and muscle mass. However, aging is simply one of the inevitable causes of lower testosterone levels. Lifestyle factors including obesity, a poor diet, smoking, the intake of certain medications and toxins absorbed from the environment contribute as well to the lowering of testosterone. Even medical conditions such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes and asthma can contribute to loss of testosterone. The body starts converting this testosterone into two of the most unwelcome hormones – DHT which leads to hair loss and estradiol, a feminizing hormone.

Muscles begin to turn into fat and even if you work out, you’ll notice certain parts of your body, especially around the lower torso, develop love handles. Men are surprised that while once they had boundless energy, they easily tire as they age and often lose some sexual drive. The menopausal symptoms in women, like irritability and moodiness, also manifest in men going through andropause. Sure, this is a natural part of aging but why let it affect your well-being when you can do something about it with Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is a potent cocktail – a proprietary blend of the herb Saw Palmetto and Astaxantin, an antioxidant. The ratio of these two ingredients has been carefully studied so that taking Ageless Male does not jack your testosterone levels to outrageous highs but keeps it within a reasonably normal level – just right to keep you functioning normally.

Enjoy life much longer by delaying the onset of aging symptoms like lower testosterone the natural way, with Ageless Male. Say goodbye to andropause effects and say hello to a more vibrant and energetic you.