AbzoneLooking for a kind of exercise that doesn’t require you to get down on the floor and sweat it out? What if you can get an exercise that allows you to sit on a comfortable chair while you do your routines, allowing you to use just one position for your awesome abs workout? The answer is as simple as presenting the Abzone, which uses coil technology which turns a traditional crunch into the ultimate 360 degree abdominal and core workout. Target your upper and lower abs, core and those hard to reach oblique muscles.

The Abzone is a machine designed like a chair with a contour backrest and with soft padded seats that keep you from straining your back and neck while doing your exercises. Your exercise time can range from a few minutes a day to more, depending on your level of fitness and how comfortable you are with the machine. The amazing thing that comes with the Abzone unit that will definitely make your exercise routine work even better are the 30 minute exercise and cardio instruction DVD, a 10-day and 30-day meal plan and an instruction manual for the unit, to make sure you’re using the Abzone to the fullest extent without over-exerting yourself or causing muscle aches in the wrong places. In about a week, you can start to see the results of your hard work. Achieve firmer, leaner, and sexy abs with a proper diet, the right form of exercise and Abzone.

You will definitely not go wrong with Abzone. Forget about straining your back with floor exercises, most especially when doing crunches. Most everyone can use Abzone so it’s a great means of exercise for practically all your friends and family. A few minutes a day per person and at the end of several weeks, see you and your friends and family with a fitter, healthier and happier body. Get it all with Abzone.

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