Get ready for the Abstorm! This new ab machine will give you great abs. Rock hard, solid, six pack abs or to get rid of belly fat and have a flat tummy - what kind of body do you fancy? The Abstorm is the home gym machine perfect for core workouts - with less work and better results.

Here’s the video about the Abstorm. Kindly note that it is in Spanish but one doesn’t need a translator to see how to work it. It will only take a couple of minutes to view it - and then you’ll know the ease of using the latest ab machine that will have you rocking the workout!

Ab machines just keep on becoming better and better. Sit ups are made easy, contracting the muscles to burn the fat and make the tummy flat - as the action created is streamlined.

Don’t break your back, reduce muscles strain, and get the blood flowing with the free wheel construction innovative design ideal to facilitate the motion you want to get great abs, stretch out the legs, shape the buns, reduce the hips, firm the thighs, mold the shoulders, and strengthen the arms.

Whatever fitness level one is at, be it beginner or advanced, choose among the 3 resistance options to find one that’s just right. If you want results fast, the way to get that slimmer and shapely waist and a complete core workout can be achieved with the newest Gym Form home gym machine, the Abstorm.

Other ab machines do work but one might have to be like a gymnast to use it. Those contraptions make you stress out while exercising as it’s becomes a balancing act. Here’s one that allows you to exercise while sitting down comfortably!

The Abstorm provides you with motion efficient way to exercise in the privacy of your home. It can be folded to store away neatly. All that you need to get to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals are in Abstorm.

On sale for only a fraction of a price of most home gym machines, the Abstorm review offer is fantastic. It can be yours for only $149.99. Order yours today to get slim and sexy the easy way.