Ab SonicAre you looking to find a means of exercise that you can do while you are at work, anywhere and anytime? Something portable, inconspicuous, and quick to use? Then you do not have to look any further because Ab Sonic is the answer to your concerns! Not only does it work on the stomach, it can work on other parts of the body such as on the arms or thighs.

The Ab Sonic comes with 2 adjustable belts, which allows you to work on various parts of the body. Pre-programmed with 6 exercise routines, you can have different workouts each time you work on a specific part of the body. Designed with a neoprene centerpiece, a Velcro to keep it tightly against your body while you’re working, and 2 lithium batteries, you can use it while you’re doing almost anything. It stimulates the nerves that make you muscles expand and contract, and that is how you work out and exercise. There is no discomfort when using the Ab Sonic, and for 10 minutes a day with this wonderful piece of equipment, you can get the same workout that 600 sit-ups would get you, minus the aching back, neck and arms.

The great thing about Ab Sonic is that it can fit well under your clothes, so no one has to know you’re doing your workout at work or at home. It’s as if you did all the exercise, without breaking the sweat that doing sit-ups or punches gets you. Easy and comfortable, let it do the exercise for you while you’re sitting down and on the computer, while watching the television, while doing chores around the house, walking your dog, while in the office, while buying goods at the grocery, or while picking up your children at school. Tone and firm your body with the Ab Sonic, and lose the weight without losing the time to do so.

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