AB Slide Roller SliderThere are many kinds of equipment that work the abs and give you the perfect abs you dream of. However, many of these equipment are found in the gym. If you have plans of traveling or are sent on out-of-town trips and conferences, you are unable to work out at the gym and therefore, pass up the chance to regularly exercise your abdominal muscles. Now, there is a device that is not only compact and portable but also very effective in working out your abs even in a small space like a hotel room. This is the AB Slide Roller Slider.

The AB Slide Roller Slider is a floor device with handlebars. All you need to do is get down on your knees, grip the handlebars, and slide forward and back. As you slide forward and backward, your muscles extend and contract. Its bi-directional power provides the tension that is needed to make your abdominal area rock hard. The farther out you slide, the more intense is the abdominal workout. Even a workout lasting only 3 minutes regularly is enough for you to see great results in your ab section.  That's not all. Even as you work on the front abdominal area, you are also working your arms, shoulders and back. Feel your lower and upper abdominal muscles, obliques, chest, shoulders, and arms grow stronger and better toned.

With the AB Slide Roller Slider, you need never miss doing your workout because it is so easy to bring along with you. It's so lightweight and so easy to tuck into your suitcase when you go on those trips. And because it does not require a very long workout for you to see results, it is something you can do even in between work appointments.

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