Ab SculptorWhen trying to work ab muscles, one of the common exercises we think of is crunches. And most times, we do crunches on the floor with no equipment. But sometimes, we could do crunches the wrong way. After several reps, you may not realize it but you could be lifting your head in such a way that would cause back and neck pains afterwards.  If you want to do your reps constantly and even exceed your average number of crunches without having to deal with neck and back pains, go for the Ab Sculptor.

The Ab Sculptor is made of high-quality steel and has a cushioned headrest. In order to do your abdominal crunches, you grip the steel bar in front of you and since the Ab Sculptor's sides are designed to roll, it is easier for you to get a good grip and roll forward. You get to do the same crunches as before but this time, your neck is well-supported, you can position your hands to grip anywhere that is comfortable for you on the steel bar, and you get the very same benefits (and more!) with the Ab Sculptor. Because of its ease of use and comfortable support, you will find it even easier to increase your reps and get an absolutely great workout without running the risk of incurring neck and back pains. It's also so easy to focus on particular areas of the body you want to work out -- whether it is your obliques or love handles. You'll find the Ab Sculptor so fun to use that you'll just keep on going.

The Ab Sculptor was designed so that it is so easy to assemble and tuck away under your bed or in a closet when not in use. It does not take up that much extra real estate in your home.

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