Ab RollerDoing sit-ups can be tiring. It can strain your back, head and neck, and even your hands. With the Ab Roller, you can do your exercise without the stress from the exercise movements. It is designed like a wheel with a head rest that rocks back and forth, so you can do your exercises without tiring as fast, and without straining your head, back and neck. It also has an elbow rest that helps you relax your shoulders.

With the Ab Roller, you can work on three abdominal muscles. Using this together with exercises, you can attack the muscle that runs from your ribs to your lower belly, the muscle in the lower part of the belly, as well as the muscles located on the sides of your belly The U-shape bar also allows you to work on various exercises that allow your hands to move into various positions so you can target different areas of the abdominal muscles. It’s as easy as relaxing your head on the rest pad, relaxing your hands on the wheel and rocking back and forth while avoiding contact between the floor and the top of the Ab roller or the head pad. Depending on which muscle you want to focus more on, there are different positions by which you should sit or kneel that focus on specific areas in your abdomen.

The great thing about Ab Roller is that it can be used by almost anyone who wants to work on these three muscle groups (except for those with high blood pressure or glaucoma). It can be used at home or in the gym. With the handles on the side, you can easily carry it around your home or work area. All you need is a small space to do the exercise and you can begin working on those three abdominal muscles. In addition, working on your abdominal muscles will help with your posture and overall health, giving you a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle.

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