AB RevolutionizerDo you spend much time exercising on one motion at a time? Here is an exercise equipment wherein you can do many exercise routines with just one equipment. The Ab Revolutionizer is here to give you several exercise routines which aim to burn fat and tone your abs, hips, obliques, and legs. It further relieves your neck and back without any strain.

The Ab Revolutionizer was invented by Dr. Rabinoff to help exercise enthusiasts, from beginner to advanced, to eliminate fat and sculpt your body without the tension or possible injury to your body. The Ab Revolutionizer is so easy to use because you do not need to have several different equipments to enhance your body build. Exercising has never been this easy. The Ab Revolutionizer has the following features which ease your workouts at your own pace and capacity: (1) an ankle pad where you rest your ankles on for support; (2) a pelvic lift pad which supports your pelvis as you raise your thighs on the (3) thigh bar. Extended outward on each side of the thigh bar are (4) handle grips for your hands to give you better grip and resistance as you do your workouts; (5) there are lifter arms that are near the pelvic lift pad to support your arms and shoulders to help push up your pelvis; and (6) a weight holder pin which you install below the ankle pad pole to adjust and add resistance power. A padded headset is an optional accessory to use, but a rolled towel can be used instead. It is important to note, though, that you must protect your neck, head, and shoulder blades while exercising.

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