Ab Mouse 2If the Ab Mouse was a great abs equipment for you, try the Ab Mouse 2, its upgraded version  created for you to give you stronger resistance and better toning results on your upper torso, which includes your abs, chest, back, arms, and shoulders.

The Ab Mouse 2 equipment has two (2) separate units: (1)a mouse pad where you kneel on; and (2)a rolling pad with wheels where you balance your upper torso by placing your elbows on the foamed pads with your hands on the handle bars. The Ab Mouse 2 is a stronger contender for weight-losing results because there is more resistance each time you roll the rolling pad outward and inward. Similar to the Ab Mouse, the Ab Mouse 2 is also portable so the set is easy to use as it comes fully assembled, it is easy to store and to carry along wherever you go. The Ab Mouse 2 also has its own meal guide and instructional guide to help you do the routines easily and regularly. With the Ab Mouse 2 you can lose weight better than doing crunches on the floor because by way of stretching, you are strengthening your upper torso to give you the same effect the floor crunches do to your body. Unlike other fitness equipments which do not live up to their promises, the Ab Mouse 2 is so far the best fitness equipment to firm up, tone, and strengthen your abs, back, chest, arms, and shoulders.

Keep your body as healthy and fit as your mind is by using the Ab Mouse 2 regularly. Eat the right meals and exercise with the Ab Mouse 2 regularly to get a body figure other people will be envious of. Do the right thing and get it now.

Get the Ab Mouse 2 HERE.