AB MaximizerHave you successfully achieved a great toned body from some easy exercise routines using only one great fitness equipment? If not, we have just the right kind of equipment you need to have. It is called the AB Maximizer. The AB Maximizer may seem like a small fitness equipment but rest assured that it gives you maximum satisfaction.

The AB Maximizer looks like a cushioned or padded backrest that forms a small triangle and has an extended thinner padding below to act as a seat for your buttocks. The AB Maximizer is ergonomically designed to support and protect your back and spinal cord to ensure that proper crunches and obliques are done. These exercises give you the same results as you get from the sit-up exercise without the pain. Both the backrest and padded seat are connected at one corner of the triangle. They are covered with a soft and smooth, yet strong cloth that can withstand any amount of squeezes and crunches on the cushion. The more you squeeze your back on the cushioned backrest, the more you get resistance, and the more you can burn fat on your abdomen. The exercises you can do on the AB Maximizer strengthen your upper and lower abdomen without much effort. Your spine is also protected because the width of the cushioned backrest covers a regular-sized adult person’s body. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced exercise enthusiasts enjoy the AB Maximizer to the fullest. It is safe to use because you exercise directly on the floor without the fear of falling off from the equipment.

Exercising on the AB Maximizer has never before been this easy and fun to do. Give yourself a break from stressful experiences and situations by using the AB Maximizer any time of the day and night anywhere you are.

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