Ab Lounge SportHow comfortable do you get while exercising on your ordinary chair? The Ab Lounge Sport allow you to do easy exercise routines while sitting comfortably on what looks like a lounge chair while still watching your favorite TV show or doing some chores.

The Ab Lounge Sport looks like an ordinary lounge chair but this unique exercise equipment has a rolled steel footrest at the end of your seat. To get the best out of the Ab Lounge Sport, here are the steps involved. You seat yourself comfortably on the Ab Lounge Sport, with knees bent and your feet on the footrest. You can lengthen the footrest to fit your height by readjusting the pin found under the footrest crossbar. Get hold of the pull bar found atop the Ab Lounge Sport. Pull forward the pull bar and push your feet up, stretching out to meet your hands at the middle of your body. Turn to your side, straighten one leg onto the footrest, and stretch upward. This exercise is called the Jack Knife. Do this about 15 times on each movement for a good workout. The stretching and oblique exercises tones and trims your abs while strengthening the muscles in that area. Always keep your back, head, and neck straight during this time so that you do not strain your spinal cord nor cause tension or pressure on the nerves. Always remember to inhale when you raise up your legs, and to exhale when you bring them down slowly.

It is still imperative that you see your doctor first. Also, do some warm-up exercises to flex your body muscles and tendons. Then, see how the Ab Lounge Sport can optimize your exercise routines and give you a fit and great body!

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