Is it possible to get beach-worthy abs without having to do back-breaking sit-ups and crunches? With Ab Glider, it now is. By combining both the Circular Burn (side to side) motion and the Arc Crunch (front to back) motion, the Ab Glider works like two machines in one, giving you an Off the Floor Ab Workout that allows you to work 44% more muscles and to burn twice as much calories each minute as you would with other ab exercise machines. Its ergonomic design and extra sturdy steel frame and track also ensure you countless workouts in the years to come, without giving you any back and neck problems. And because a fit body starts with a healthy lifestyle, the Ab Glider comes with everything you need to get you on the right track: a Weight-Loss Eating Guide, a 3-Minute Results DVD, an Amazing Abs DVD, and an On-Board Computer.

The Ab Glider’s Weight-Loss Eating Guide features grocery lists and meal plans to help get you started on healthy eating habits, and 48 mouth-watering recipes so you can eat right and enjoy at the same time. The two instructional DVDs, 3-Minute Results and Amazing Abs, both featuring TV Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck from “The View”, allow you to get the flat and firm abs you have always wanted with just a few minutes each day. Just follow the easy step-by-step workout and maximize your workout time. Do more reps and less counting, too. The On-Board Computer makes keeping track of your progress a piece of cake by taking note of your reps and time as you focus on your workout.

The Ab Glider gives you a quick, easy, and effective cardio workout whenever you have a few minutes to spare. No more dreadful hour-long workouts and tiring trips to the gym. Tone your abs and obliques with just one simple, easy-to-use machine as you watch your favorite TV show, while unwinding with some music, or even as you wait for your hubby or roommate to arrive. Staying in shape has never been this convenient. Get awesome abs with Ab Glider now!