AB Doer TwistA slim, sleek mid section and well defined abs are the most sought after fitness goal out there – up until now to get the results you wanted for your abs, you needed to do both aerobic exercise to eliminate fat and countless crunches, sit ups, leg raises and other potentially painful and boring exercises.

There were several problems with this approach to getting a well defined mid section – firstly, it took a long time per session and you had to be committed for the long term in order to see any results. Secondly, the exercises that you were performing were inefficient and could potentially cause injury do to the positioning of your body throughout the movement.

The AB Doer Twist lets you train your abdominal from virtually every angle without having to change to a different piece of equipment; in fact you do it without even getting up from the comfortable sitting position. When you can train you upper and lower abs, your obliques and your lower back all from the very same position on the same piece of equipment you dramatically cut down the time you need to work out and you get much better results.

Unlike pretty much any other abdominal exercise out there – doing your workout on the AB Doer is fun – this helps to ensure that you’ll keep using it and keep getting results. You’ll also be able to save yourself the time and hassle of doing an extra cardio workout as well – because the continual rapid fire moves you’ll be able to perform on the AB Doer Twist will act as a complete fat burning workout as well. With the ABdoer Twist you get maximum results in minimum time – while you’re having fun, no other abdominal machine can make that claim.

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