Ab-Coaster-ProI have a hard time working out my abs, I have a tender back and I always hurt it no matter what exercises I do. I know that there are certain exercises which you are supposed to do that are easier on your back, but those even hurt me. I have spent a lot of money throughout the years on different equipment and DVD's that all claim to work out your abs without causing back pain, once I try them I discover that they do hurt my back. I had been neglecting my abs for awhile now do to my back problems. One day I decided to go ahead and try one last thing and see if it would work. I purchased the Ab Coaster Pro.

The first thing that I noticed when I got the Ab Coaster Pro was that it allowed me to be in an upright position that seemed like it would be easier on my back. I gave it a try for a very quick turn when I first got it because I was a little worried about hurting my back by doing a lot on it. My back felt no different when I was done with it. The next day I used it longer and incorporated it into that mornings work out. I could tell right away that it was working, I could really feel it working out those abs.

After I had been using it for a few weeks I really began to see results. My pants were fitting looser and I could see the beginning of definition coming in my ab area, this really surprised me because I have never been able to get any definition in my ab area, let alone seeing it happen in such a short time. I am very impressed with the results and glad that I finally found something that works out my abs without hurting my back.

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