Ab-CircleI have always had a problem with my midsection. It didn't matter how hard I tried to work out and get it toned, it just stayed the same. I joined a gym and used their equipment, I still saw no results. I have purchased both large and small workout equipment for my home and watched it gather dust in the corner of the room after trying it and deciding that I didn't like it. I always resorted back to crunches which I knew wouldn't give me the results I was looking for since I have done them for so long with no results, yet I wanted to feel like I was doing something.

One day I saw an advertisement for the Ab Circle. After watching the ad I thought that it looked like something that would really work. I put it off for a few days because I know that I have a problem with impulse buying exercise equipment. However, after a few days of thinking about it I went ahead and purchased the Ab Circle. When it arrived I was very happy with it. I got on it and it was not only easy to use, it was fun as well. The crafty design allows you to have a great time while you are working out.

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The Ab Circle has a nice movement that helps you to rotate with ease, yet you can feel it working on your entire midsection. Since I have started using the Ab Circle I have already been able to see impressive results. I can feel where I am starting to built muscle. I can also see the definition beginning to appear in my abs. I would recommend this product to anyone that has a problem finding the right workout for their midsection and has problems getting results.

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