Ab Circle ProI have always had a problem with my mid section. It always seemed like whatever I did I would be doomed to have to accept them in the condition that they were in. When I would try to do sit ups or crunches I would end up being in back pain the next day. I had a friend tell me about the Ab Circle Pro, she told me that I would love it. I doubted it at first until I was at her house one day and I gave hers a try. I couldn't believe how effective it was. I could tell that I was getting quite a workout and it was comfortable to use.

I went ahead and purchased one for myself. I have been using it at least three times a week for a couple  of months now. The thing that I like the best about my Ab Circle Pro is that I can really feel that I have had a good workout, but I don't have the back pains that I always get when I try to do sit ups or crunches. I like the way I move when I am using my Ab Circle Pro, it's actually a lot more fun than any of the other ab workouts I have ever done. I get on my knees, hold the handle and I am in control to spin as fast or as slow as I want to. I really like being able to be in total control of my workout.

My entire wardrobe revolved around trying to hide my stomach. It feels good not having to feel and think that way anymore. I haven't felt so free in years! - ab circle pro review

I have tried a lot of exercise equipment in the past, but I never had much luck with it. I usually end up giving my equipment away to friends, or I have sold some at yard sales. I'm glad that I finally found something that I like. Not only do I like it, but I have seen some great results from using it already. My abs are beginning to have definition for the first time ever in my entire life. I used to have pretty large love handles and they are almost gone now. I would recommend the Ab Circle Pro to anyone that wants to get the abs they have always dreamed of.

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