Ab ChairIf you are one of those who have given up on ab crunches and sit-ups because the hard floor is giving you pain in the back and neck, it is time for you to look into getting an Ab Chair. You can still do the same crunches, the same workout, the same or better results, and do all of this off the floor, in the comfort of a chair. That’s right – in a chair! The Ab Chair takes your weight off the floor. Its breathable mesh gives your back a comfortable support and allows you to adjust your body so that you begin doing your crunches in perfect form. You can use the Ab Chair while lounging, watching TV or listening to music. As short as 20 minutes of using this daily can bring you that trim midsection you have always wanted. You don’t need to worry about injuring yourself doing crunches that strain your neck and lower back. With the back support of the Ab Chair, you work out your ab muscles minus the strain.

The Ab Chair can support up to 250 pounds. It has a rolled steel frame, adjustable foot pedals and resistance bands that allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout. When you are done using it, the Ab Chair folds up and is easily stored without occupying too much dead space. Using the Ab Chair is simple. Just rest it on a stable, solid floor, place your feet on the adjustable foot pedals, and grip the handles with both hands. Once your back is comfortably positioned, begin the crunches by doing the jackknife (moving your upper body forward while moving the lower body towards the upper body).You can also do obliques by twisting your upper body to the left or right, adjusting your feet on the pedals, and doing the crunches while keeping the lower body in position.

Exercise, strengthen and tone your abs safely and in comfort by using the Ab Chair. Of course, as with all exercises, a healthy diet and lifestyle must go along with your program.

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