AB Away ProNo one wants to have a fat belly or love handles and yet these body parts are often the most stubborn and hardest to deal with. If you are one of those wishing to get strong, tight, contoured abs, look no further than the AB Away Pro because this machine will not just do that but it will melt away the excess fat around your belly as well. AB Away Pro is an effective abdominal exerciser because it uses the reverse action technique which is unlike other such exercisers. With the other abdominal exercise equipment, they work on your muscles going up, building bulk and muscle. Now this is where AB Away Pro is different. It works "in reverse", working your muscles on the downward movement. This flattens your tummy, stretches and tones your muscles and does not build bulk.

AB Away Pro has a cushioned back support that not only supports the body but ensures you maintain perfect form while doing your workout. Machines that don't have this support put extra stress on the back and neck. It is also important that perfect form is maintained because this is what results in toned abs. AB Away Pro also has different incline levels which you can readily adjust for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. That makes AB Away Pro the perfect exercise machine for your abs no matter what fitness level you are in. And you can exercise comfortably with a supported back. Of course, if you are expecting good results to contour, strengthen and tone your abs, your fitness routine must include a good diet, healthy lifestyle and a good cardio workout as well.

Don't wait any longer. Stop doing crunches that strain your body and still do nothing for your abs. Get AB Away Pro now and see the love handles around your belly disappear and make way for beautifully toned and strong abs.

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