8 Minute ABS and BUNSIf there are any two body parts that will make you look so much sexier and more fit, it must be the abs and the buns. But for many, developing toned abs and firm, tight buns can be quite a challenge bordering on the impossible. A lot of money is often spent in gyms and personal trainers or personal gym equipment and still, the end result is nowhere in sight. Now, here all rolled into one product, is a workout program that precisely targets your abs and buns – the 8 Minute ABS and BUNS.

The 8 Minute ABS and BUNS is one of a series of 8-minute workouts. This particular episode works the abs and buns by combining squats, lunges and other butt-press movements and low-impact exercises. This routine does not require you to purchase expensive workout equipment. All you need is your very own body. When you play the video, you will see a timer to count down the time, not just for each exercise, but for the entire workout in the video. Tone areas you could never tone before. All it takes is eight minutes of your time. This is a really great workout that the busybody can do on the go. There’s no need for expensive gym memberships or expensive workout equipment. Just play this video and follow along in the comfort of your home and get the exact same results for so much less.

What’s great about the 8 Minute ABS and BUNS is that its sequence of exercises specifically focuses on toning and shaping your torso to get the abs you want and targets the buns to make them look tighter and shapelier. Every minute of those eight minutes works on these areas so effectively and requires even less time than it will take you to go for your coffee break. Check out the 8 Minute ABS and BUNS now and see for yourself how it can start you off to a better-looking body.

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