You don’t have time to do hours of working out in a gym? Jon Benson, a trainer and bodybuilder, developed 7 Minute Body (an e-book with six training videos). It does not just teach you how to gain muscle in 7 minutes. It makes you understand how muscles work, how these are developed, how to maximize muscle gain in different body areas where you want them, and so much more.  And ladies, this program isn’t just for men. This same program will work for you and tone you differently from men, giving you slightly larger muscles and less body fat.

The 7 Minute Body e-book took 3 years to develop as it had to undergo Jon’s strict testing and refining to ensure that the targeted muscle does get developed in just minutes. Three levels can be found in this e-book – for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees. There’s even a section for “ultra beginners”!

The six bonus training videos are not just empty filler videos. They are packed with actual videos that take you through workouts with every video targeting a different body area. Here’s what they contain:

  • Video #1 – “All About 7 Minute Muscle”
  • Video #2 – “An Amazing Chest in Minutes”
  • Video #3 – “A Sculpted Back in Minutes”
  • Video #4 – “Sexy Shoulders in Minutes”
  • Video #5 – “Hot Legs in Minutes”
  • Video #6 – “Great Arms in Minutes”

In addition, you get an extra video “Your Best Butt & Legs…At Home in Minutes!”

There’s no need to wait for these items to be shipped to your home. As soon as you pay for them, these are digitally available to you. The e-book is downloadable in PDF format and the videos can be viewed digitally in flash and Quicktime).

The philosophy of Jon behind 7 Minute Body is that more is not necessarily better. To him, it’s not the length of the workout that is effective but doing it right. In his words, “Less works much better if it’s done right.”

7 Minute Body is perfect for you if you are the ever busy executive, the Mom who has her hands full with kids, beginners, people who don’t want to just continue working out even if their muscle development has plateaued or just someone who wants to develop muscles but can only devote a few minutes a day to working out.

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