6 Second AbsFor a man, getting rid of excess fat around the torso and reshaping that into 6-pack abs is probably one of the most challenging to do. You can do hundreds of crunches and sit-ups and still not see the results that you want. Sometimes when you start despairing, it is just so easy to give up and say it is not possible. Well, it IS possible to get those contoured abs that you want without having to go down on the floor to do crunches or sit-ups. With the 6 Second Abs machine, you can tone and strengthen your abs with 6-second workouts.

The 6 Second Abs is a workout machine that works your upper abs, obliques, and lower abs – all while in a comfortable, seated position. This device keeps you in perfect form and for every position change, an audible click tells you that you are at the proper angle. Just 3 clicks down and 3 clicks up completes one abdominal crunch set. Doing side crunches with the 6 Second Abs targets your obliques. And seated reverse crunches focus on working your lower abs. The 6 Second Abs even has 5 resistance levels that give you the equivalent of from 15 to 55 pounds of resistance. The handles are made of durable, high impact resin and wrapped in a comfortable foamy base. The base, which rests on your thighs, is light and has a soft, padded base so that bearing down on it during your 6-second workout does not hurt your legs. The device itself is only just 3.2 pounds so its weight will not even bother you.

When you order your 6 Second Abs workout device, you also get a free ab toning belt, an exercise DVD, and a diet and exercise program. Try the 6 Second Abs now and start burning the fats away to get the abs you desire.

Order the 6 Second Abs HERE.